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Radio Mic - microphone without a long wire leading to the PA. Can be a boon to reducing on-stage clutter, but on the negative side it also allows Singer more opportunity to strut and swagger as he climbs the stage rigging or indulges in Crowd Surfing.

Right Hand Tapping - Technique practiced over and over and over again by learning Guitarist in privacy of back bedroom. Once mastered it is brought out at every opportunity in a smug "see how fast I can do it?" kind of way. Not to be confused with wanking.

Roadie - Hanger-on hired to carry heavy equipment from van to stage before gig and from stage to van after gig. Often seen displaying a "brickie's arse" (technical term) while gaffa taping instrument cable to stage in order to avoid tripping hazard.

Rock Band - Institution for workshy hippie types to avoid getting a 'proper' job. Occasionally becomes a very high paying pastime, much to the annoyance of traditional hard working types with 'proper' jobs.

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