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Acoustic Guitar - Stringed instrument used by thrash metal guitarist to promote apparent sensitive side and garner some credibility as a proper musician.

Air Guitarist - originally a drunken male audience member who always aspired to learn Electric Guitar, but never got beyond miming with a tennis racquet. The Air Guitarist plays an Air Guitar (an invisible instrument existing only in the player's imagination) and now the phenomenon has become so popular that there are actually Air Guitar Championships held.

Players take their Air Guitars to National Air Guitar Championships where they compete for qualification in the World Air Guitar Championship. The 10th World Air Guitar Championship took place in August 2005 at Oulu, Finland and was won by Michael 'Destroyer' Heffels of the Netherlands, making him (at the time of writing) the current World Air Guitar Champion.

Axe - A slang term originally used by jazz musicians to mean any musical instrument, but latterly it has become almost synonymous with the electric guitar. It is common for a player to practice their chops on an axe but perhaps paradoxially quite inadviseable for them to attempt to actually chop anything. Not to be confused with Bass Player's chopper which is something else entirely.

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