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How To Reduce Unwanted Feedback
If you've performed live on stage or even a casual jam with your friends at band practice -- one of the most annoying things...

How To Re-String Your Guitar And Double The String Life
If you're finding yourself constantly breaking strings and having to change them every time you play -- here's an awesome trick...

How To Read Guitar Tabs Quickly And Easily
Tabs are not proper music notation. They are an easy way to learn your favourite songs, and if all you want to do is learn your favourite song...

How To Hold A Barre Chord
Here I'll show you how to hold a barre chord. This is one of the most important chords you'll need in your guitar playing...

How To Improve Your Guitar Sound By Using Effects
This is one of my favorite areas of guitar playing as I religiously plug my effects pedal in whenever I play my guitar!

How To Protect Your Guitar and Make It Last Longer
Last year a friend of mine flew overseas for 2 years and left his Shergold Masquerade Guitar in the shed -- fully strung!

7 Habits of Highly Effective Guitar Players
There is perhaps no more important aspect of playing a musical instrument than that of...

Guitar Multi Effects, Friend or Foe?
Guitar Multi Effects units are undoubtedly one of the best value-for-money tools available to today's guitar player...

Guitar Tips
7 top class guitar tips to further anybody's playing...

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